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Paper towel

Paper towel 分类: [Building materials & household items]

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Toilet 分类: [Building materials & household items]

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The toilet is also called a toilet bowl and is a covered bucket for urination. The invention of the toilet was called a great invention, which solved the problem of people entering and drinking Lazar. Later, it gradually evolved into the use of siphons, spiral siphons, and now the latest jet siphon and super-swirl siphons. Some people think that the toilet is the source of all evil, because it consumes a lot of domestic water. There are many types of toilets, which are separate and conjoined. With the development of technology, there have been many novel varieties.
According to the matching method of the toilet lid, it can also be divided into an ordinary toilet and a smart toilet. The intelligent toilet can be further divided into an automatic changing set of intelligent toilets and a non-automatic changing set of toilets, the former including different types of automatic changing sets and washing, automatic changing sets of washing and drying.
The history of the toilet can be traced back to the Han Dynasty. The toilet at that time was called the tiger, which was dedicated to the emperor. The legend is made of jade. It is held by the eunuch who specializes in serving the emperor, so that the emperor can use it at any time. Later, in the Tang Dynasty, because there was a person in the emperor's family called Li Hu, in order to avoid it, the tiger was renamed the beast or the horse. Later, in circulation, it evolved into the name of the toilet.

Bath cabinet

Bath cabinet 分类: [Building materials & household items]

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stone 分类: [Building materials & household items]

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Special cement

Special cement 分类: [Building materials & household items]

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Special cements have special properties and special purpose cement. Commonly used varieties are white Portland cement, colored cement, fast hard Portland cement, fast setting fast hard Portland cement, low heat cement, medium heat cement, oil well cement, sulfate resistant Portland cement, masonry cement, Refractory cement, expanded cement and radiation-proof cement, etc., special cement columns provide special cement price information, procurement information, manufacturer information and technical fact sheets.